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I live in Zhejiang, China, and I am an overseas salesman of Haihang Water Spray Nozzles Equipment companies.

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you can check with your local county extension agent and he or she can tell you where you may acquire the sawdust.Work this mixture into your soil as deep as possible using your rotary tiller or the old fashioned way, by using a spading fork or shovel Once this mixture is worked in properly then it is time to consider what type of fertilizer is needed.Once you have completed the fertilizing, give your garden a moderate soaking with your sprinkler or hose nozzle to dissolve and distribute the fertilizer through out the soil. Some people like to place straw down around their tomato plants and let them sprawl across the ground.

Please visit both sites for your entire home and garden needs. This is a large, luscious, disease resistant tomato that I have seen grow to excess of 3lbs.The wire is about 6 ft high which makes a very sturdy cage for even the biggest tomato plant. I use a commercially available starting flat that will hold 72 seedlings.After you have gotten all your holes spaced out and dug, go back and sprinkle just a bit of Miracle-Gro into the bottom of each hole then add just a small amount of water to the hole. The method I recommend is using concrete reinforcing wire to make your own tomato cages.Wiseman is the owner of DMJ Enterprises and creator of Best Of The Home and DMJ Enterprises. In most cases, a good all purpose fertilizer known as Triple 10 or 10-10-10 will do the job very well.+.If you follow this guide and use a little TLC you will have some of the largest and best tasting tomatoes one could ever ask for.

Tomatoes have always been my favorite garden vegetable to grow and to eat.If you need to add amendments to your soil to loosen it, I recommend a mixture of aged sawdust and sand in equal parts. To make the cages, count off seven of the squares and then, using a cutting torch or a study pair of wire cutters, cutoff the bottom of the seventh square which will give you six 6" spikes that will make the cage as steady as a rock when they are pushed into the ground. Its much easier on your back, you don't have to bend or kneel to dig the hole.

Our last area of concern is pests and diseases, specifically the tomato hornworm and blossom end rot. I prefer china stainless steel fittings plant the Tomato Park's Whopper? Cr Improved, VFFNT Hybrid which can be ordered from Park Seed Co. I recommend leaving no more than 1 - 2 inches of tomato above ground.