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The focus is to make such organizations autonomic

What's the Cost of an Ineffective Policy-based Management System?Johna Till Johnson's brief article on Telecom Carriers (NetworkWorld, 5/23/05, pg. He is an associate professor of computer science at Bowie State University in Maryland.What is Policy-Based Management? Is it Old Wine in A New Bottle?Whether in government, industry, or academia, organizations have always employed policy-based management with varying degree of success.self-configuring); handle operational exceptions and prevent disruptions (i. Each time one of the monkeys started climbing the ladder, all the monkeys were sprayed with a blast of cold water.

The focus is to make such organizations autonomic.)It is highly likely that most of your employees follow policies established a long time before they joined the company and they did not contribute to their development., self-healing); protect its information and resources from malicious attacks (i. The nervous system knows how to automatically transmit messages from different organs of the body to the brain for the body to function as a whole. self-protecting), and manage its resources efficiently by using self-optimizing strategies (On Demand Computing, Craig Fellenstein, 2005).

Dr. To be effective, a policy must possess the following characteristics? It must communicate a judgment acceptable to members of the organization? It must specify what is considered to be an appropriate behavior of a member of the organization? It must identify tools and procedures needed to perform specific tasks? It must be Brass fittings Manufacturers clear and understood by all employees and the human resources department to help in taking proper actions when the policy is violated? It should be a living document Who Developed Your Corporate Policy?Since it is imperative that your policy needs to communicate a judgment acceptable to all members of your organization, it is necessary that a policy implementation team should have representatives from at least four areas of the organization? A senior level administrator? Someone from the management team who can enforce the policy? A member of the legal staff? A member of the user communityAs a living document, the implementation team should meet regularly (at least quarterly) to ensure the viability of the policy (Mark Ciampa, Network Security Fundamentals-Policies and Procedures, 2005). This is critical for the survival of every organization and reduction of economic losses, which creates a strain on the economy.e.

The monkeys were just following the policy laid down for them. A banana was hung on a string and a ladder was placed below it.